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May 18th, 2016

Our test of Rixos Royal Spa in Krasnaya Polyana was successfull and very-very relaxing;-)

But, first of all, a couple words about travelling in Russia.

If you are interested in visiting this country, in particular, its region around Black Sea / Sochi, note that the prices can be very advantageous, if you travel now or during next months.

Why Sochi / Krasnaya Polyana is an attractive travel destination?

  • Its rich nature: You can find here mountains, beaches, palm-trees, ski tracks (from december till april) and more! The weather is rather comfortable and warm and the air is clean and freshy.
  • Due to the new currency exchange rate and many discounts (the country’s economic situation can be described as recession or crisis), tourists from Western countries can afford a really luxurious vacation at much lower rates than in other countries.

Coming back to our test: for example, one night in a double-suite in Rixos SPA Hotel Krasnaya Polyana (5*) will cost you only 90 US-Dollar (80 Euro), or 6000 Russian roubles! Nothing, if to compare with prices for staying in Rixos Astana or other hotels around the world which typically start from 300 US-dollar.

If it is still too expensive for you, you can try your luck in brandnew appartments, for example, in Appartment complex “Gorky Gorod” in the mountain area of Krasnaya Polyana. This and other appartment complexes (e.g. “Rosa Hutor” belonging to Gazprom) were built on the occasion of Winter Olympics in Sohi 2014.

The appartments mentioned above are fully equipped for comfortable staying of the whole family. They typically include kitchen, two bathrooms, two balconys, flat-screen TV and so on. The price per night for 2-room appartment plus relatively spacious dining room in “Gorky Gorod” starts from 2,3 thousand roubles (approximately 30 euros). Its’s nothing!

Below you will find some snapshots from Rixos Royal Spa. It was a luxurious recreation and I would definitely come again!







 rixos-royal-spa-v-krasnoj-polyane-v-sochi-whirlpool-otzyv_6 rixos-royal-spa-v-krasnoj-polyane-v-sochi-whirlpool-otzyv_7





The prices for visiting SPA start from 2000 roubles (for inhabitants of “Gorky gorod”) until 3000 roubles – for the rest. For the guests of Rixos Spa Hotel Krasnaya Polyana the usage of SPA is free of charge.

We would like to thank Uliana Kravchuk and Olympia Atmadzheva from Rixos Krasnaya Polyana Sochi, as well as the personnel of Rixos Royal SPA for their kind assistance by preparing this article.

Tamara for


Our “test-drive” of Rixos Royal SPA in Krasnaya Polyana Sochi
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