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Welcome H&M Collaboration with Kenzo!

Update: May 25, 2016

May 25, 2016


Our “test-drive” of Rixos Royal SPA in Krasnaya Polyana Sochi

Update: September 20, 2016

May 18th, 2016

Our test of Rixos Royal Spa in Krasnaya Polyana was successfull and very-very relaxing;-)

But, first of all, a couple words about travelling in Russia.

If you are interested in visiting this country, in particular, its region around Black Sea / Sochi, note that the prices can be very advantageous, if you travel now or during next months.

Why Sochi / Krasnaya Polyana is an attractive travel destination?

  • Its rich nature: You can find here mountains, beaches, palm-trees, ski tracks (from december till april) and more! The weather is rather comfortable and warm and the air is clean and freshy.
  • Due to the new currency exchange rate and many discounts (the country’s economic situation can be described as recession or crisis), tourists from Western countries can afford a really luxurious vacation at much lower rates than in other countries.

Coming back to our test: for example, one night in a double-suite in Rixos SPA Hotel Krasnaya Polyana (5*) will cost you only 90 US-Dollar (80 Euro), or 6000 Russian roubles! Nothing, if to compare with prices for staying in Rixos Astana or other hotels around the world which typically start from 300 US-dollar.

If it is still too expensive for you, you can try your luck in brandnew appartments, for example, in Appartment complex “Gorky Gorod” in the mountain area of Krasnaya Polyana. This and other appartment complexes (e.g. “Rosa Hutor” belonging to Gazprom) were built on the occasion of Winter Olympics in Sohi 2014.

The appartments mentioned above are fully equipped for comfortable staying of the whole family. They typically include kitchen, two bathrooms, two balconys, flat-screen TV and so on. The price per night for 2-room appartment plus relatively spacious dining room in “Gorky Gorod” starts from 2,3 thousand roubles (approximately 30 euros). Its’s nothing!

Below you will find some snapshots from Rixos Royal Spa. It was a luxurious recreation and I would definitely come again!


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Streetstyle Stars at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia (Part 1)

Update: July 3, 2020

March 18th, 2016

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in Moscow Manege has closed, and we want to present to you the best streetstyles. Here you will find all the main trends of this season “Spring – Summer 2016”: much denim, military, tattoos, plateau shoes or white sneakers!

As always, one of the selection criteria were look details. “Easy Chic” is made up of such small accents and here we can learn much from professionals) In this season unusual handbags and clutches, bizzare sunglasses and, finally, hats are among the accessories-favorites.


Fashion trends 2016 on the streets of Moscow: maxi skirt and heavy wedges.

Fashion trends 2016 on the streets of Moscow: maxi skirt and wedges.

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Valentine’s vibes! “I found my love in Portofino”

Update: July 3, 2020

13. February 2016

If you remember the movie “The Taming of the Scoundrel”, it was Portofino where Lisa invited Elia to visit her when she tried to seduce him.
This small and very picturesque Italian town is scene for prominent fashion photographer and filmmaker Ellen von Unwerth.

In our playlist on Youtube, we have compiled a selection of short films that Ellen von Unwerth has produced in collaboration with various fashion brands and magazines (Vogue Italia, Vogue Brazil, Swarowski et al). Enjoy!

Dior Cruise Campaign 2012.
Director: Ellen von Unwerth
Model: Monika Jagaciak

Gucci loves Berlin! Photoshoot im Rahmen der SS16-Kollektion.

Gucci, vintage and Berlin + Video!

Update: July 3, 2020

January 13th, 2016

The Italian fashion house Gucci has introduced the photoshoot on the occasion of its SS 2016 collection and it’s hardly surprising to us that this time Berlin was selected as location. In recent years, the cultural and fashion scene of the German capital has developed rapidly and eventually gets the benefits. Berlin with its versatile architecture has many incredible places and views – from very modern to fully run-down, which eventually inspired the renowned Italian brand.

Berlin could hardly wish better public relations campaign for the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2016.

We just say: WOW!

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Туристу на заметку. Лучшие рождественские ярмарки в Германии в 2015 г.: рождественская ярмарка на Александерплатц в Берлине.

UPD: Christmas markets in Berlin, we are going to miss next year.

Update: September 26, 2016

December 21th 2015

In a previous post we have written about German Christmas markets in 2015 (with focus on Berlin). We made nice pics at the Christmas market am Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Just a few days before Christmas and New Year’s Eve, when the festive mood rises (also thanks to the wonderful music), you can arrange to meet with friends for a glass of hot wine punsh at one of the many cozy Christmas markets.

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The season of Christmas markets in Germany is open!

Update: January 5, 2016

If you have the opportunity to visit this country during the period from late November to the end of December, do not miss the chance to drink a glass of hot wine punsh and feel the festive mood of overall fun. Someone, but the Germans are experts in celebrating holidays!

Туристу на заметку. Лучшие рождественские ярмарки в Германии в 2015 г.: Gendarmenmarkt в Берлине.

Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin, 2015.


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Stars of street style on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia FW 2015 (Part 1)

Update: July 3, 2020

October 30th, 2015

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia which was held last week in Moscow proved itself to be a meeting point for many fashionistas.

Jung fashionistas on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2015: cool colorblocking styles.

Jünge Fashionistas auf Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2015: coole Colorblocking Styles ergänzt mit den essenziellen Accessoires – einer Beanie-Mütze, einer minimalistischen Rücksack-Tasche und Sneakers. Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia / Artefact.

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Endlich da! Viele tolle Basics in praktischem Casual Style von Isabelle Marant, ab heute bei H&M

Update: July 7, 2016

Wir haben die Marant-Kollektion näher angeschaut und können bestätigen, daß viele Artikel praktisch und universell einsetzbar sind (im Vgl. z.B. zu H&M-Kollektionen von Donatella Versace oder Anna della Russo). Sie können somit Top-Basics für Ihre Garderobe erwerben.

Insbesondere für die Freunde von Jeggins, Leggins u.ä. ist die Auswahl an originellen Teilen ziemlich groß.
Die Kollektion ist erhältlich bei H&M online ab 10. Uhr. In diesen H&M-Läden in Berlin schon ab 8! (aber wenn ich die Intensität der Marketing- und Blogger Kampagne rückblicke, dann würde ich lieber versuchen, online zu bestellen, da der Andrang in den Shops ganz groß sein kann):

(Für sonstige Geschäfte in Deutschland – s. unten)
Hier noch ein Paar meine Lieblings-Teile aus der Marant-Kollektion:

1. Seidenbluse, 80 Euro.

Diese Bluse könnte man mit engen schwarzen Jeans oder Hosen und Boots für ein City-Look perfekt kombinieren, oder mit High Heels  – für den Abend.

Im Shop anschauen.

2. Tailliertes Shirt aus Spitze (auch in Shwarz erhältlich)

Im Shop anschauen.

Dieses Shirt würde ich entweder mit Jeans oder Hosen tragen oder mit einem langen ausgestellten Rock (in 60s-Style).

3. Knielanges Seidenkleid mit Print, 100 Euro


Im Shop anschauen.

Dieses Kleid würde ich zuerst probieren wollen, aber es sieht sehr originell und festlich aus. Es könnte eine perfekte Robe-Wahl für kommende Feiertage werden. Durch die Bronze-Farbe sieht es wirklich edel aus! Der Schnitt ist originell und man kann sicher sein, daß keine zweite Dame in dem gleichen Kleid auftaucht. Auch die 3/4-Ärmel möchte ich an dieser Stelle loben – man muss nicht nach einer passenden Bolero-Jacke suchen.

Also Isabelle Marant hat ihre Vesprechen eingehalten – die Kollektion ist sowohl schick, als auch praktisch und alltagtauglich.

Achtung: die Artikel aus der Kollektion können diesmal nur innerhalb von 10 Tagen umgetauscht werden.

Viel Glück dabei!

Tamara & Euer Fashionscout365-Team

Sonstige Geschäfte in Deutschland, wo die Kollektion erhältlich ist:
Königsallee 76

Zeil 85-93

Im Alsterhaus
Spitalerstraße 12

EKZ Kröpcke-Center

Schildergasse 98-100

Kaufingerstraße 18
Kaufingerstraße 26

Karolinenstraße 45

Königstraße 14