An eternal theme Copyright – When fashion will be bullfighting

14. December 2015

Das Copycats-Problem ist nachwievor präsent in der Mode-Industrie.

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What happens when a smaller brand will be copied by the bigger one? How should a small company which at the moment is probably struggling for survival react in such situation?
Yesterday at Holy Shit Shopping Designer Market in Berlin we heard an exciting story of Encuire, a Madrid based brand for leather bags and accessories.

Mar, PR und Marketingdirektorin von @encuire - einer Marke für Ledertaschen und Accessoires aus Madrid.

Earlier this year the founders of Encuire were more than surprised when they saw the new collection of Zara, another spanish fashion brand. While politicians like to dream of local clusters out of small and bigger companies, copycats mentality in both directions flourishes in the fashion industry around the wourld.

Die Tasche von Encuire vs. Zara-Tasche (später erschienen). Copycats-Problem in der Modeindustrie ist aktuell wie nie!


The focus on “fast fashion” obviously facilitated this trend tremendously encouraging many labels to seek new designs not only “in house”, but somewhere else.

How is it otherwise possible to create new original designs when new collection must arrive into shops every two weeks?

One might say it is a reality if we were not aware of the difficult financial situation by smaller local brands.

How should this issue be solved? And what does the copyright mean for you?

By the way, for Encuire ended the story with happy end – no two weeks passed after the post on Instagram, as Zara removed that controversial bag out of production. Their posts in the social networks were shared several thousand times which brought additional attention and new customers.

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