December 22th 2015


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Hello dear fashionistas! We have chosen the most beautiful evening dresses in a wide variety of styles, fabrics and colors which are now on sale.

By doing this, we also considered fashion trends of the current season in order to give the whole outfit a fresh touch. In our selection one can find fancy dresses with fringes, velvet dresses, one-shoulder dresses and dresses in boho-style. Of course, we could not miss the Glitter-Glitter theme;-). A perfect New Year’s Eve outfit claimes sequins: if not on clothes, then on accessories.

Here you will find our latest selection of clutches.

Some explanatory notes (what could we do without them?;-):

  1. First of all, please note that we searched primarily in German stores. Nevertheless, we know from our experience that the product range in other European stores is quite similiar to Germany (this can be a problem in case of US, Asian and Russian markets, however).
  2. Some of the dresses we have chosen are on sale at the moment. It is nice to save a little bit money for other nice things, is not it? Most of the dresses do not cost more than 50 euros. So these are real bargains;-)
  3. This is not the very last sale, however. All dresses are still available in several sizes (it is important, otherwise you would be frustrated).
  4. As we could read on the corporate sites, the articles should be delivered until New Year’s Eve. While some providers even make it possible to order tommorrow, on December 23th 2015, with their express delivery option by Christmas. If we were you, we would definitely clear up this issue with the company’s hotline before placing the order.

In which shops we have rummaged for the most beautiful festive dresses:


                             Zara        Hallhuber


     P&C       Yumi      COS       S’Oliver     WE Fashion

How we have selected the best evening dresses:
Our approach by selection of the clothes does not change much: we are seeking for timeless elegance in colors and lines, relatively good materials, good (if not excellent) price-quality ratio and for noble stylish look on the whole.

More about us and our approach you can read here.

More details on dresses that are displayed in the video:


Samt-Kleid von H&M, für den eleganten Silvester-Auftritt.
Bandeau-velvet-dress, H&M, 50 euros.

Bandeau-Kleid aus Samt, H&M für den eleganten Silvester-Party-Look 2015.

Glitzernes Rollkragen-Kleid von H&M für den eleganten Silvester-Party-Auftritt.
Sparkling turtleneck dress by H&M, 30 euros.


Glitzernes Hemd-Kleid von H&M für den stilvollen Silvester-Party-Outfit.
Glittering top-dress, H&M, 10 euros (price reduced).

Notice: We have tried on this dress. It is relatively thin, but not transparent. But it is definitely a mini dress!)


H&M-Kleid mit Ballon-Ärmeln für den tollen Sillvester-Party-Style
Velvet dress with balloon sleeves, H&M, 25 euros (price reduced).


Samt-Kleid von Zara für den faszinierenden Party-Look.
Dress out of, Zara, 50 euros.

Samt-Kleid von Zara für den faszinierenden Party-Look.

Schimmernder Jumpsuit für den glamurösen Silvester-Party-Look.
Spakling jumpsuit, H&M, 30 euros (price reduced).
Pailetten-Kleid für den tollen Silvester-Party-Look.
Glittering sequin dress, H&M, 60 euros.
Glamouröses Pailetten-Kleid für den sexy Party-look.
Glamour sequin dress, 12 euros.
Pailetten-Rollkragen-Kleid von H&M für den schicken Silvester-Party-Look.
Sequin turtleneck dress, H&M, 100 euros.
Hallhuber-Kleid mit Blumen-Print für den femininen Silvester-Look.
Shift dress with floral print, Hallhuber, 150 euros.
Tailliertes Crepe-Kleid in der modischen Pflaume-Farbe mit Chiffon-Detail, S'Oliver.
Tailliertes Crepe-Kleid in der modischen Pflaume-Farbe mit Chiffon-Detail, S’Oliver.

Note: In the online store of S Oliver you can watch a nice video with this dress. How beautiful the chiffon part moves!

One-Shoulder-Abendkleid mit Pailletten in der Metallic-Optik für den glamurösen Silvester-Auftritt.
One-shoulder-evening dress in metallic, Unique via, 230 euros.
Modisches Kleid mit Fransen in Boho-Chic Style, H&M Sale.
Fancy dress with fringes, H&M, 50 Euro (price reduced).


One-Shoulder-Kleid-in dem Boho-Chic Style für den perfekten Party-Look.
One-Shoulder-dress in Boho Chic style, H&M, 50 euros.


Samt-Kleid in Boho Chic-Style für den eleganten Silvester-Look.
Velvet Boho-dress, Zara, 60 euros.

For more festive outfits in 70s style (masculine suits, velvet clothes and asymmetric cuts) check also the latest Mango-collection with Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss.

There is a call for glamour on the last evening of the year! Stay always curious and try something new!;-)

Your Fashionscout365 team

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Top dresses on sale for your magical New Year’s Eve look
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