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As passionate fashionistas and fashion scouts we are constantly looking for the best fashion & accessories deals in Berlin, Moscow and online. The quality and aesthetics are very important to us. Therefore we also write our own reviews and make snapshots.

Our evaluation criteria

In addition to the price and the quality of clothes & accessories we also check following features:
• price/quality,
• aesthetics,
• a certain trend factor or vice versa timeless elegance and durable design,
• material – wool, cotton, viscose, suede, silk and other.

We are not affiliates in any program and we do not write advertorials.

We post phantastic offers each day. Check them for free in our virtual shopping basket!

At the moment we are mainly acting in German and Russian markets. Please check also local versions of the site and Instagram.

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We would be grateful to you for any tipps and ideas concerning improvement of our service.

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