December 21th 2015

Стристайл в Москве на Ламбада-Маркет 20 декабря 2015 г. в "Цветном". Юлия художник. Она расписала старую винтажную куртку YSL.
Streetstyle at the Lambada-Market in Moscow on December 20th 2015. Yulia (@ulianfox) works as performer.

We have met Yulia yesterday at the December Lambada Market in Tsvetnoy Department Store in Moscow. “Tsvetnoy” Department Store is actually a rather posh shopping location for moscow upper-class with the labels like Alexander Wang, Valentino, Missoni, Woolrich and all that luxury world residents. It looks pretty much like KaDeWe in Berlin. But one time a month for three days serious transformation takes place,  the visitors looks change to streetwear and casual / sporty style, cause it is the time for the next Lambada Market!

Lambada market is nowadays the main trading place in the Russian capital for local designers to sell their handmade goods (they have also website and online-store:

I would describe it like a good portion of fresh spirit for Tsvetnoy which itself is indeed very solide and luxurious shopping location but also somehow frozen and unified. How many such department stores do we have around the globe? With the same product range, beauty area at the ground floor, gourmet at the top floor etc.

The Lambada-market in Tsvetnoy stands literally for underground movements in the contemporary fashion – it is located in the “Minus 4 Floor”!

Let’s see, if the underground-designers once will be capable to move in one of the main levels at the prestigious department store or elsewhere.

At least, Yulia who obviously is a talented painter, has all the chances for it (if she desires it – that is another question). When we were chatting yesterday, a woman came and asked, if she could have the jacket for photoshoot with SNC – Russian fashion magazine.

Стристайл в Москве, на Ламбада-Маркет 20 декабря 2015 г. в "Цветном". Юлия художник. Она расписала старую винтажную куртку YSL.
Yulia, Moscow (@ulianfox).


Would you give your leather jacket the second life?;-) And how much are you ready to pay for that?




And what about price?

Yulia takes for her “jacket decoration service” from 42 to 70 US-dollars (converted from the actual currency exchange rate 1 US-dollar equal 71,2 roubles). I guess, it is a good price!

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