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Streetstyle Stars at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia (Part 1)

Update: July 8, 2016

March 18th, 2016

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in Moscow Manege has closed, and we want to present to you the best streetstyles. Here you will find all the main trends of this season “Spring – Summer 2016”: much denim, military, tattoos, plateau shoes or white sneakers!

As always, one of the selection criteria were look details. “Easy Chic” is made up of such small accents and here we can learn much from professionals) In this season unusual handbags and clutches, bizzare sunglasses and, finally, hats are among the accessories-favorites.


Fashion trends 2016 on the streets of Moscow: maxi skirt and heavy wedges.

Fashion trends 2016 on the streets of Moscow: maxi skirt and wedges.

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Streetstyle from Samarqand: ethnical chic!

Update: July 25, 2016

February 21, 2016

I met Fatima and Gulnara from Samarkand (Uzbekistan) in Moscow and fell in love with their brightful and cheerful costumes!

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Fashion inspiration: Iris Apfel by Jeff Bark

Update: February 6, 2016

01. February 2016

Iris Apfel für Dazed & confused Magazine, November 2012. Foto: Jeff Bark.

Iris Apfel für Dazed & confused Magazine, November 2012. Foto: Jeff Bark.

The US-photographer Jeff Bark became famous for his staged photoshoots.

Recently we have posted the commercial of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2016 which was produced by him.

This very special photo of Iris Apfel, a famous style icon and vintage star aged 94, was made 2012 for Dazed & Confused Magazine and is still very up-to-date.

Menstyle in Berlin: cool urban Look in casual Style

Update: February 7, 2016

January 27 2016

We have met Zeyhan from Blaumax (Vienna) at the Premium Berlin Fashion fair and were in its  and effortlessness cool details.

Streetstyle-Alarm in Berlin: cooler urbaner Look auf engen Hose, Lederjacke und Hut (Menstyle).

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Gucci loves Berlin! Photoshoot im Rahmen der SS16-Kollektion.

Gucci, vintage and Berlin + Video!

Update: March 25, 2016

January 13th, 2016

The Italian fashion house Gucci has introduced the photoshoot on the occasion of its SS 2016 collection and it’s hardly surprising to us that this time Berlin was selected as location. In recent years, the cultural and fashion scene of the German capital has developed rapidly and eventually gets the benefits. Berlin with its versatile architecture has many incredible places and views – from very modern to fully run-down, which eventually inspired the renowned Italian brand.

Berlin could hardly wish better public relations campaign for the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2016.

We just say: WOW!

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